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Frances Haugen
Frances Haugen
Frances Haugen

Science and Technology

Frances Haugen claims that Facebook ‘makes hatred worse

Frances Haugen told Facebook MPs “no doubt it made hatred worse”, as he looked at what new rules should be put in place on major social media platforms.

Ms Frances Haugen was speaking to the Online Safety Bill committee in London.

she said the security groups on Facebook had resources, and “Facebook was unwilling to accept even the smallest share of profits offered for security”.

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She also warned that Instagram is “more dangerous than other forms of communication”.

While some social networks have been about working, playing, or exchanging ideas, “Instagram is about social comparisons and bodies. About people’s lifestyles. And that’s what ends up being the worst for children.” he told a joint parliamentary and royal committee.

Frances Haugen said a Facebook study itself described one problem as “addiction” – when children were unhappy. They could control their use of the app, but felt like they could not stop using it.

The committee is drafting a proposed legislation that will introduce new jobs. To major social networks and review them through the media director Ofcom.

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Asked if the law “keeps Mark Zuckerberg awake at night.” Frances Haugen said she was “extremely proud of the UK for taking this world-class lead”.

“The UK has a tradition of leading policies through international channels.

“I don’t think Mark ignores what you’re doing.”

British English problem

Frances Haugen also warned that Facebook could not post police content in multiple languages ​​around the world. Something that should worry UK officials, she said.

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He also said that the misinformation of other languages ​​affects British people.

Ms Haugen also urged the committee to include paid advertising. In its new rules, saying the current system “literally supports hatred in these forums” because of their algorithmic position.

Frances Haugen
Frances Haugen

“It’s much cheaper to run a sad and divisive ad than to use a compassionate, empathetic ad,” he said.
“The inter-Facebook experience is great,” Frances Haugen .

“The real danger is that 20% of people have a bad experience or a dangerous experience,” he said.

“Accept shortage of resources”

He warned that employees could not report internal concerns on Facebook – something he called “a particularly vulnerable area”.

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“While working in the intelligence services, I saw things where I was concerned about national security, And I did not know how to raise that because I did not have faith in my network at the time,” he told the committee.

Similar problems plagued the Oversight Board of Facebook, which could change the company’s decisions on content, he said. Frances Haugen reiterated his claim that Facebook had repeatedly lied to its security guards. Saying it was “descriptive time” for the Oversight Board to “go up”.

“I don’t know what the purpose of the Oversight Board is,” Frances Haugen said.

This came as many media outlets published new stories based on the thousands of leaked texts that Ms. Haugen took with her when she left Facebook.

Facebook has dismissed previous reports as fraudulent, and at one point called leaked texts “stolen”.

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But the company has also acknowledged that in many areas there is much to do – even though. It takes the issue of what it means to misrepresent or select cherries from leaked documents.

It says it has invested $ 13bn (£ 9.4bn) in security and safety. Over the past five years, and that it has about 40,000 people working in the area.

It also points out its long-standing calls for technology industry reform. Which will affect all major technology firms, not just Facebook.

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