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Facebook users got hit by a major outage on the feed
Facebook users got hit by a major outage on the feed
Facebook users got hit by a major outage on the feed


Facebook users got hit by a major outage on the feed

Facebook users around the world are experiencing a major glitch on the social media giant.
Users’ feeds are flooded with posts to the pages they follow from complete strangers.
People are turning to Twitter to try to understand. What happened to their Facebook account and to find out if they have been hacked or not.

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Users first started reporting problems with Facebook around 4pm (AEST).
Australian outage tracker Downdetector has received more than 1,400 reports of problems with Facebook. The vast majority of which relate to the feed.
Users around the world are making the most of the outage, with some people posting memes making light of the situation. While others are using the glitch to gain exposure for their YouTube or other social media channels.

One meme that has been popping up in several users’ feeds is the turkey sandwich.
Others are using the glitch as a fundraising opportunity. One user reported seeing someone share their Paypal details to get donations for their sick cat.
Some users are reporting that their feed seems to be slowly returning to normal. With occasional posts from pages, groups or people they follow.

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Facebook users got hit by a major outage on the feed
Facebook users got hit by a major outage on the feed

Australian Facebook users

Downdetector data showed the number of Australian Facebook users reporting the bug peaked at 1436 just before 5pm.
Queenslander Michael Meyrick has spent the past five years working to build his roof and exterior home cleaning business.
He says he quickly discovered that Facebook was the best place to get new local clients.
Meyrick posted paid ads, promoted his services in Facebook groups and regularly sent potential clients to his business page, which has 900 followers. There they could view his reviews and before and after photos of his work.

“I’ve tried other marketing avenues like SEO and Google. But I’ve really ‘leaned in’ to Facebook; I’ve honed it a bit,” he said.
It’s a strategy Meyrick now regrets.
These days, any client who visits Meyrick’s Facebook business page is likely to be confused.
All selling – somewhat bizarrely – nose hair trimmers.

Meyrick’s business page

The profile photo of Meyrick’s business page even shows a photo of a man using one of the metal nose hair trimmers.
None of these ads or photos are from Meyrick. Who no longer has access to his own company’s site after it was infiltrated by hackers more than a month ago.
Meyrick said the nightmare began when he woke up one morning in July to see a bank of email notifications from Facebook, starting at 3 a.m.
Within 10 minutes, hackers had infiltrated both his personal and company Facebook accounts.
The hackers appear to have used a well-known technique previously reported by Which involves posting child sexual abuse material on a compromised Facebook user’s personal page.

The Facebook user then no longer has access to their personal account, paving the way for hackers to become administrators on the user’s business page.
In Meyrick’s case, the hackers appear to have targeted a credit card linked to his business account, which they immediately used to buy $50 and then another $350 in Facebook ads.

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