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Eurovision :Russia was expelled from Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision :Russia was expelled from Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision :Russia was expelled from Eurovision Song Contest


Eurovision :Russia was expelled from Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest: The decision was announced by event organizers on Friday
The organizer of the Eurovision song contest on Friday announced that Russia.

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“This decision shows concern that, due to the unprecedented crisis in Ukraine. The inclusion of Russian candidates in this year’s competition because it will bring the competition to disgrace,” . The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said in a statement.
The announcement came after Ukraine and a few other European broadcasters.

Public broadcasters in Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands. Lithuania and Norway have all called on the EBU to expel Russia.

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World’s biggest television event

The Eurovision final, one of the world’s biggest television events it will take place in Turin, Italy, on May 14.

That hosted last year’s event, provides an opportunity to promote the country. That will host the country and the city as a tourist destination. Thousands of spectators are present each year and journalists are present to cover all aspects of the competition. Including local training, competitive sports conferences.

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Host city

And other sports-related events in the host city. And has been available online through the official Eurovision website since 2000. With hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. And it plays in the tournament. often giving artists the development of local works. And in some cases long-lasting international success. Several of the world’s best-selling music artists have competed in previous shows. Including ABBA, Celine Dion, Julio Iglesias, Cliff Richard and Olivia Newton-John. As well as some of the world’s best-selling songs. Eurovision phase.

Eurovision :Russia was expelled from Eurovision Song Contest

Although it has gained a reputation for public viewing in both participating. And non-participating countries. The competition has also been the subject of criticism for its artistic quality. And the political part of the event. Controversial moments include late participating countries. Media coverage of broadcasters, and political events that contribute to participation.

Eurovision has gained notoriety for its kitsch appeal

However, Eurovision has gained notoriety for its kitsch appeal. Its era of ethnic and international style music. And its emergence as part of LGBT culture. Which has resulted in many fans. Activists and influences in popular culture because the popularity of the competition has led to the creation of several similar events. Organized by the EBU or created by external organizations. And several special events organized by the EBU. To celebrate selected years or as a change due to cancellation.

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