Ertugrul’s, ‘Halime Sultan’ joining Peshawar Zalmi


Monday morning of 6 july came with a good news for the people of Pakistan and Peshawar Zalmi that Ertugrul’s, ‘Halime Sultan’ joining Peshawar Zalmi as a Brand Ambassador.

Chairman of Peshawar Zalmi Team “Javed Afridi” took opinion from fans in making an offer to Ertugrul’s, ‘Halime Sultan’ joining the Zalmi family as Brand Ambassador.

Turkish actress Esra Bilgic is playing the role of Halime Sultan in the Eurtugrul series. On Friday Javed Afridi did a tweet “what if Ertugrul Ghazi’ joins Peshawar Zalmi as a brand ambassador”.

After the tweet of Javed Afridi, Esra Bilgic replied the tweet seemed like to accept the offer of an Ambassador. A famous Turkish actress would be sharing some good news with Zalmi fans. She did a tweet on Sunday in which Javed Afridi was tagged.

The tweet came a day after the tweet of Javed Afridi. She wrote on Sunday “I will be sharing some good news with you soon. @JAfridi10”. The tweet was sent out by unverified account which is liked by Javed Afridi and hundreds of other fans.

Halime Sultan (Ottoman Turkish: حلیمه سلطان‎) was a consort of Sultan Mehmed III, and the mother of Sultan Mustafa I and the Valide Sultan as well as a regent of the Ottoman empire. She had four children with Mehmed: Şehzade MahmudMustafa I, and two daughters. She was de facto co-ruler as Valide Sultan from 22 November 1617 to 26 February 1618 and from 19 May 1622 to 10 September 1623. Halime was also one of the prominent figures during the era known as the Sultanate of Women.

Halime lived in the Ottoman empire as a courtier during the reign of five Sultans: Murad IIIMehmed IIIAhmed IMustafa I, and Osman II.

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