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Duke Of Sussex Says He Warned Twitter CEO January 6 Riots
Duke Of Sussex Says He Warned Twitter CEO January 6 Riots
Duke Of Sussex Says He Warned Twitter CEO January 6 Riots


Duke of Sussex says he warned Twitter CEO January 6 riots

Duke of Sussex said he had warned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. That his forum allowed a coup d’etat against the US on the eve of the January 6 riots.

Harry continued to argue with the media.When he appeared. In a group discussing false information.Saying the problem had passed on social media.
“I learned from an early age that publishing was not in line with true motives,” states the governor : Duke Of Sussex

Jack and I were texting each other. Before January 6 when I warned him that his court was allowing a coup d’etat. That email was sent yesterday

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Governor of Sussex

Asked if he had spoken to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg or Twitter CEO Dorsey. Harry said he had warned the latter that his website was planning. To overthrow the government the night before the January 6 riots at the US Capitol.

He said: “Jack and I were texting each other. Before January 6 when I warned him that his court was allowing a coup d’etat. That email was sent yesterday.

“And then it happened and I haven’t heard from him since.”

A group of Donald Trump supporters stormed a US Capitol building in Washington DC. Over allegations that the presidential election was rigged. And the role played by the dignitaries on social media in connection with the attack is being investigated. Duke Of Sussex

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Twitter has been contacted for comment.

Harry, who was included in Archewell’s founding list at the RE. WIRED conference, works on the Aspen Institute’s thinking tank and looks at false information and disinformation in the media.
The 37-year-old, who lives in Southern California with Meghan. And the couple’s two children, said the internet was “described as hate, division and lies”.

“That is not fair,” he told the panel. “Especially for anyone with children, we allow this tomorrow to be defined by those who are present. That is exactly what greed and profit and growth are: Duke Of Sussex

“I can hope as a people. As people with the ability to make choices and decisions they will be more concerned about the people now. She safety of the people but also what this means for the internet, free internet but also what it means for the next generation and generation after that and this and that.

In a recent speech in British newspapers. Harry asked for the memory of his mother, Diana. Princess of Wales and also said that his wife, Duchess of Sussex, was receiving similar treatment.
He said: “They do not report. They create and convert stories based on facts and they form the basis of gossip based on harmful ideologies in the country.

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“So I know the story well. I lost my mother in death because of this self-centered attitude.

Duke Of Sussex Says He Warned Twitter CEO January 6 Riots

series of mental health programs

Harry memorized his comments on a series of mental health programs. From which he appeared earlier this year and said “they will not stop until he dies” – referring to Meghan.

He added: “It was a warning, not a challenge.”

This is not just a communication problem, it is a communication problem

Governor of Sussex
Asked if users should delete their social media accounts.

He said it was “not true” that the challenge of inaccurate information.

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He said: “More than 70% of the hate speech.

Megxit – a term used to describe the couple’s departure from royal duties.

Asked about “research” and the balance between free speech. And potentially harmful content on social media, Harry said “the issue of freedom of speech is in some way a hindrance to the great problem”.
He said: “As we have already established, this is not just a social media problem, it is a media problem.

“I grew up learning that stories should be a sacred place.”

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Harry said it does not take Succession’s news correspondent Logan Roy. Or media official Rupert Murdoch to “understand that clickbait. Is the product of targeted advertising”.

He said that while lying on social media is dangerous. It is also wrong about the abuse of power”.

Harry asked who held the media accountable, saying “it has become a digital dictatorship”: Duke Of Sussex

Invest and support

He suggested that the solution would be to invest in and support. “honest journalists” who “respect and uphold the principles of journalism. Not criminals with media cards who hijack the most powerful industry. The free industry in the world”.

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Harry said “real journalists” have the power “to deal with racism, hatred, lies, everything” from “within their system”.

He said he would like to see journalists investigate his colleagues who were “misbehaving, misbehaving and dishonest”.

“We can fix this, we have to fix this, but we need everyone’s help,” Harry said.

King said it was “impossible” to make users leave social media “if they are addicted”.

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“But it’s about being aware enough that you can protect yourself from harm. And know when to use it,” Duke Of Sussex said.

He was joined by a panel of Stanford Internet Observatory Technical research. Manager Renee DiResta and chairman of the Aspen Commission. On Information Disorder and Color Of Change president Rashad Robinson to speak to Staff editor Steven Levy.

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