Increase in death toll & Rising Cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan.



Corona virus also known as COVID-19 was first seem to be reported in the central China city of Wuhan by the end of December 2019 which seemed to grow and multiply at a very fast rate to almost the whole world within a couple of months. It’s the infectivity of the virus that has set off a global frezy.

The Covid-19 respiratory illness caused by this mysterious contagious disease has so far infected more than 9.1 million people in 202 countries and territories of the world – and over 472,000 of them have died and still counting.

Positive COVID-19 Sample

Pakistan, despite sharing close border with China, remained coronavirus-free until February 26 when a young man from Karachi was tested positive after returning from Iran.

Nearly one-and-a-half months after imposing the lockdown across the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to ease the lockdown in phases.

The nationwide tally of Covid-19 patients stands at 195,745 with 71,987 cases in Punjab, 75,168 in Sindh, 24,303 in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 9,946 in Balochistan, 1,398 in Gilgit-Baltistan, 11,981 in Islamabad and 962 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The virus has claimed at least 3,962 lives while around 84,168 coronavirus patients have recovered.

The situation remains at large and we’re updating stats as soon as new figures are officially released, because with very passing day the number of reported case seems to be increasing by hours.

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