COVID-19 and its effects on our WORLD

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COVID-19 a global medical emergency, the causes and solutions of which are yet unknown. COVID-19 and its effects caused an economic disaster around the globe and in Pakistan too. Furthermore, it has reshaped our world permanently and continues to do so. History shows that the choices made during a crisis can shape the world for decades. Likewise, Coronavirus has reshaped the economy, learning, lifestyle, businesses, mental state, and whatnot. Moreover, it is believed that the world is unlikely to return as it once was even when the pandemic is over.

The digital behavior has risen so much in these circumstances and has introduced trends such as remote working and learning. Delivery services, telemedicine, regionalization of supply chains, and cross-border data flows s well. Now the world is diverting towards occupational transitions. Income polarization, more gig work, worker vulnerability, and the need for workers to adapt to occupational transitions.

Along with these trends getting common, COVID-19 and its effects have triggered a reconsideration of economic and social beliefs worldwide. The attitudes towards the densification of economic activate, resilience versus efficiency, future of capitalism, industrial policies, the role of institutions, government strategies have been restructured all over.

Covid-19 effects caused loss to Pakistan up to 2.5 trillion and many Pakistani workers face many difficulties in making their livings.

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