Neowise Comet from ISS


Neowise, the once in a life time comet which was observed and seen from all over the world. Number of astronauts and photographers captured amazing pictures using professional cameras, binuclear and telescopes from around the world. Amazing pictures of comet Neowise is floating all over the internet. Humans from all over the earth have observed this amazing once in a life time event. Not just humans from the earth but few humans which are present at International Space Station have also observed this amazing event from outside earth. Astronauts from ISS have captured few amazing pictures.

On July 3, Neowise came back from the sun and now again towards its long journey into darkness of cosmos. It has been visible with the naked eye from the earth. The astronauts at ISS captured time-lapse photos of the comet, which have been observed brightest in the decade. Later the pictures have been compiled into the video by an artist.

The man who compiled the images:

Artist named Sean Doran, whose work was already appreciated several times. Collected pictures from NASA’s database and compiled the video. Sean Doran in total compiled 550 images to render an amazing video of comet Neowise rising from earth atmosphere. The pictures compiled into a video also shows an amazing cosmic phenomenon — bright blue glowing clouds. These rare “space clouds” form when sunlight bounces off of ice particles in the upper atmosphere.

Neowise time-lapse from ISS

Astronomers have discovered comet Neowise this year dated back to March, 2020. It was observed that comet became dangerously close to breaking apart when it came near to the sun earlier this month but somehow the comet survived the sun.

How to locate Neowise:

The comet was visible in pre-dawn sky before sunrise in the Northern Hemisphere. These days it can be seen just after the sunrise in Northwest direction, just below the constellation of Usra Major also known as Big Dipper.

It is predicted that the comet will be visible for another month and then it will be on its long journey. It is estimated that comet Neowise came from Keplers belt of our solar system. The comet can take around 6,800 years to complete its path around the sun.

So we suggest our readers to go out after the sunset, look at the northwest sky just below the constellation of Usra major and say farewell to this dude.

Happy Star Gazing.

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