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Branagh draws on 'other lockdown' of Troubles for Oscar frontrunner 'Belfast'
Branagh draws on 'other lockdown' of Troubles for Oscar frontrunner 'Belfast'
Branagh draws on 'other lockdown' of Troubles for Oscar frontrunner 'Belfast'


Branagh draws on another lockdown of Oscar-winning issues

Branagh : Faced with the outbreak of the violence.The film focuses on a family with a young father (Jamie Dornan). Who is reluctant to leave Belfast.
“Belfast,” the hottest favorite to be the first Oscar winner to be made during the epidemic. Has been inspired by “another closure” of the Northern Ireland Troubles, its director Kenneth Branagh said Tuesday.

The highly acclaimed black-and-white drama – released on Friday – received its first Los Angeles exhibition at the Academy Museum recently this week, as its studio Focus Features prepares for a season-long film campaign based on Branagh’s childhood. .
“It came out of that silence that most of us stared. At at the beginning of Lockdown and it brought me back to this other lockdown.Closure we experienced where both ends of the road were blocked,” Branagh said.

Shakespearean movie

A theater actor who became the star of the Shakespearean movie. Moved with his family to England in the late 1960’s. To escape the escalating violence in Northern Ireland.

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The film opens with a prelude to street violence in the summer of 1969. When Protestant groups attacked Catholic families to remove them from the streets where the two groups lived together.

“I was 16 when 1969 came and I have fond memories of this explosion. And it was only a day later that I began to see your danger,” said co-star Ciaran Hinds, also like many other actors. , grew up in Belfast.

“At that time when I was young it was the sound of the city at night. And the distant sound was heard in the hills of Belfast. Or the sound of gunfire at night.”

The so-called “Problems” will hurt the British province over the next 30 years, dividing communities into religious and ethnic lines.

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Faced with the outbreak of that violence.The film focuses on a family with a young father (Jamie Dornan). Who reluctantly wants to leave Belfast to secure a better future.

His wife (Caitriona Balfe) and young son (Jude Hill). Yearn to live in a cohesive environment where they have deep roots.

“Belfast” entered production in August 2020.With daily Covid-19 inspections and departments such as equipment and sound provided with sturdy windows that should be set up separately.

Branagh draws on 'other lockdown' of Troubles for Oscar frontrunner 'Belfast'
Branagh draws on ‘other lockdown’ of Troubles for Oscar frontrunner ‘Belfast’

“I wanted to shake the nine-year-old’s hand and try to understand where my parents went,” Branagh said.

“In this epidemic many people have made great sacrifices. And I think at this time, and in these communities, people have done it (too).”

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‘Emotional release’

The film features humorous family comedy and scenes. As well as tragic performances from Hinds and Judi Dench. As Buddy’s ailing but instantaneous grandfather and grandfather quickly received exciting reviews.

“I think it’s related to the fact that maybe we can be fully reunited. After what we’ve been through,” said Branagh, who spoke on the film’s popularity.

“There are still a few layers of skin missing. And maybe we need emotional relief, and storytelling has always been helpful in providing that.”

The film provides an opportunity for Branagh. 60, to win her first Oscar after five Academy Award nominations – all in different categories.

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He first starred in 1990 – the lead actor and director of “Henry V” – and three years later re-nominated as the best Live Action film “Swan Song,” before another screening of “Hamlet” in ” . 1997.

Having lost his Irish accent as a child who “just wanted to stay” in England. Branagh said the theater and film eventually enabled him to reconnect with his background.

In recent years, Northern Ireland has emerged as a major film and television production hub. Providing many settings for the smash hit series “Game of Thrones.”

“The Irish were born to travel, but that departure comes at a price,” Branagh said.

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“I’m really lost my way for a long time, I can say. It took me a long time to find a way back home. And with this film I did it.”

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