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Belfast and its stars celebrated at the Oscar Wilde Awards
Belfast and its stars celebrated at the Oscar Wilde Awards
Belfast and its stars celebrated at the Oscar Wilde Awards


Belfast and its stars celebrated at the Oscar Wilde Awards

Belfast: Famous films from or about the island of Ireland, north and south, are nothing new in Hollywood. From Brooklyn, to Commitment, Hunger to the Crying Game.

This year’s success story, of course, is Belfast, Sir Kenneth Branagh’s semi-autobiographical account of his young child north of Belfast.

At the Oscar Wilde Awards, organized by the US-Ireland Alliance.

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Director and author Branagh could not be present in person due to a definite Covid review last week. But actor Jamie Dornan was present thinking about Belfast success.

“I’m trying to enjoy this moment, but it’s been a long time, since Telluride in September. When it was Ken and me outside, now it’s been months,” Dornan told BBC News NI.

“I think I’ll look back and it will make more sense as to. How important it was to be a part of this movie.

But it was important to us that the local people found it, were proud of it and resisted it.”
While it may lose Sunday night, Irish actress Sarah Bolger said Belfast “should win everything”.

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Magical episode

“It’s been me a while. It’s been a magical episode, it’s fun for Jamie Dornan. Catriona Balfe is amazing. She has to wipe the floor with everything,” she said.

Also contributing to the film were screenwriter and director Richard Curtis, praising Branagh’s text.

Belfast and its stars celebrated at the Oscar Wilde Awards

“If you speak a little truth, that truth will burn in many different places,” he said.

“And it shows a lot about how the family should be involved in the politics around. It and how much conflict there can be in a family.”

US-Ireland Alliance to help promote film production

The awards were held by the US-Ireland Alliance to help promote film production on the Irish island. And its founder and president Trina Vargo, said they were happy Belfast had had such a “wonderful year”.

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“I’m glad to see that she gets the attention she deserves,” he said.

You had a Game of Thrones and then Star Wars south.

“I think people see it as a good place to make films, so it’s going to be bigger and better.”
The event manager was JJ Abrams, director of Star Wars. Star Trek and the upcoming U2 series which he said was in the early stages.

“My wife and I love Ireland. This organization has made me an honorable Irishman and I am proud of that. But going back to Ireland, understanding that country, working there and gaining human understanding, I work. In Northern Ireland, it has been truly amazing.”
And in Belfast, the Hollywood heavyweight considered it “good”.

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“I loved the way it was personal. I thought Jude Hill was unbelievable, I thought everyone in the film was amazing – amazing actors.”

Another Oscar-nominated film for the awards is Don’t Look Up and its author and director is Adam McKay.

Although the Irish connection may not be visible at first, it was recorded in the province of Ulster.

County Cavan near a beautiful lake

“I wrote this article in County Cavan near a beautiful lake. It is a lake region and it was one of the most beautiful places. I have ever written about,” he told BBC News NI.

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“It was quiet and quiet and I was working on a new script. A few more projects and I’ll be back.”

And the trip to Northern Ireland is also on the cards as his father’s family hails from County Tyrone.

“The second time I was in Ireland I visited my cousins. I sat down and had dinner with them so I will visit the McKays upstairs in Northern Ireland.”

As the awards season wraps up in Los Angeles, all eyes are on the Academy Awards on Sunday.

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But for Belfast players, the biggest win seems to be their acceptance in Northern Ireland.

And it seemed like there was a real feeling of gratitude that night,” Dornan said on the green carpet.

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