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Battery Life
Battery Life
Battery Life


Battery Life :How To Improve Your Computer Battery Life

Battery Life :Even long-lasting laptop batteries will eventually die. Here’s what you need to know in order to maximize the amount of time you spend on a power outage visit.
Who wants to make an emergency dash into a power plant to save his portable computer battery?

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That’s not fun, especially if your family is working and studying at home these days in various corners of the house who may not have a good socket nearby. Fortunately, modern laptops work much better than before. Today, even cheap laptops and other behemoth games can last more than eight hours for a single charge. Ultraportables usually last 14 hours or more.

However, the misconception is that the battery on your PC or laptop laptop will not last as long as the manufacturer advertises unless you pay attention to certain important features: your power settings, how many apps you use, and even the room temperature you work in. The good news is that none of this requires a lot of effort to fix, if you know what settings you need to fix. Let’s take a look at the most productive, least effective ways to get the most out of your portable computer battery.

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Use the Windows Performance Management Tool

The first stop in our journey to improve battery life is the Windows operating system. In Windows 10, it is a slide access to the battery icon in the task bar. In Windows 11, you will find it in Settings> System> Power & Battery> Power Mode. It aims to integrate all the settings affecting battery life into a few easy-to-understand categories.
The company that makes your PC decides which settings control the battery slide. But generally, keep these guidelines in mind:

Best Performance Mode is for people who are willing to trade during battery performance to gain speed and reaction. In this mode, Windows will not block applications running in the background using excessive power.

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Battery Life
Battery Life

Best Performance (or Recommended) mode limits background app resources, but prioritizes power over efficiency.

longer battery life

Better battery mode brings longer battery life than the default settings in previous versions of Windows.

Battery save mode, a slide option that will only appear when your PC is disconnected, reduces display brightness by 30%, prevents Windows Update download, stops the Mail app from syncing, and stops many background apps.
With MacBook: Use Battery Settings in macOS

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The latest Mac laptops running the latest macOS versions have a wider battery and power settings that you can control. In macOS Monterey, open the system preferences app and click on battery.

macOS versions

Make sure “Toggle the display while you have battery power” checked, and “Enable Power Disk while you have battery power” is not checked. (When the Power Nap is turned on and your MacBook is asleep, the machine will wake up now and check for updates. Disabling it keeps your MacBook completely asleep until you choose to wake it up.) if “Slightly darken the display while you have battery power” enabled.

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Depending on the MacBook and which version of macOS you have, you can see additional options in the Energy Saver Preferences window. These include “Enhancing video streaming while battery life” to disable HDR video playback and “optimized battery charging.” Some Macs also have a Power Mode setting, very similar to the Windows performance management tool described above. If you see Power Mode in the Battery section of the system preferences, you have the following options:

Low Power: Reduce power consumption to extend battery life.

Default: Make your Mac automatically use the best performance level.

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High Power: Increase energy consumption to improve performance during continuous workload.

Make Your Workflow Easy: Closing Applications, and Using Airplane Mode
If you spend a lot of time working off the plug-in, it is a good practice to repair your laptop computer with battery-saving features, such as sticking to one app at a time and shutting down everything else when not in use. It’s like turning off the lights when the room is empty. If you go back and forth between the kitchen and the pantry at all times, or between Firefox and Microsoft Word, keep both sets of lights (and applications) turned on (and on).

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But if you just cook, or watch a YouTube video, you will be given the best by shutting down and shutting down everything else.

Battery Life
Battery Life

In addition to turning off other apps while performing one task. Consider enabling Windows Flight Mode. Or turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on macOS. If you know you will be editing a document without the need for web access. In addition to minimizing distractions. Flight Mode eliminates an important source of battery exhaustion: not only the wireless radios themselves, but also the background applications and routines they use, such as app updates and notifications.

Close Direct Powerful Applications

Having multiple applications and processes running on your system. At the same time will chew up your battery life very quickly, and you may not be fully utilizing everything currently running on your PC. For Windows, the Settings app is the first step to getting the power programs.

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Type “See which apps affect your battery life” in the Windows 10 search bar list of most powerful applications. In Windows 11, you can access this list in the power and battery settings window under battery usage. If you see an application that you rarely use to draw more power, be sure to close it. Usually, these are the apps that you opened and forgot about, such as Spotify or Adobe Reader.

Next, type “See which processes start automatically when you start Windows” in the search bar, or open the Task Manager application. In the Getting Started tab, you’ll see all the features that work as soon as you start your PC

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