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Aryana Sayeed
Aryana Sayeed
Aryana Sayeed


Aryana Sayeed describes frightening departure from Kabul

Aryana Sayeed An Afghan vocalist who has utilized her global notoriety to enhance requires ladies’ privileges wore an all-wrapping shroud to get away from her country as the Taliban took Kabul.

Aryana Sayeed has split her time between Turkey, Britain and Afghanistan and had been in Kabul as of late to begin an attire business. She told Reuters in an end of the week talk with she got an approach Aug. 14 admonition her that the Taliban were surrounding the capital. At the point when the Taliban last held force from 1996 to 2001, they fiercely upheld a translation of Sunni Islam that restricted ladies from work and school.

Aryana and her life partner Hasib Sayed reserved a spot on a business flight planned Aug. 15, the day the Taliban entered Kabul, months after American soldiers finished U.S. inclusion in the Afghan conflict.

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The stuffed business flight never took off, Aryana Sayeed said in a Washington-region lodging, portraying air terminal scenes of frenzy interspersed by the sound of gunfire.

She and Sayed, unfortunate of being perceived by Taliban contenders, left the air terminal and shielded with family members in Kabul. The following day, they heard Taliban powers were looking through house to house in their area.Aryana Sayeed again went to the air terminal, wearing a cover that uncovered just her eyes and going with Sayed’s young cousin as though on a family excursion.

“We went through five Taliban designated spots. One of them halted our vehicle,” Aryana Sayeed said. “The moment he saw me and the young man, he said, ‘Go.’”

Sayed, in a different vehicle, was quick to arrive at the U.S. military-controlled air terminal. Sayeed said he was perceived by an Afghan at the air terminal who told a U.S. official: “This is the life partner of an extremely renowned artist in Afghanistan, and you should give him access since, supposing that they get him, they will kill him.”

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Sayed, a Canadian resident, was permitted in and reached Sayeed. His family members accompanied her to the air terminal. The two flew out on a U.S. military plane early Aug. 17, landing first in Doha, Qatar. On Aug. 19 they arrived at the United States. The couple intended to leave Tuesday for Istanbul by means of Amsterdam.

“I lucked out to escape Afghanistan. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the remainder of individuals that are there?” Aryana , a British resident, told Reuters. She was wearing a T-shirt with a U.S. banner on the sleeve that she had been given in Doha. She had left Kabul with just the garments she was wearing that evening.

A portion of her 1.4 million Instagram devotees have wished her well since she left Kabul.

Aryana Sayeed
Aryana Sayeed

Taliban articulations have made vulnerability regarding whether ladies in Afghanistan here will actually want to work, examine and pick how they dress. Ladies have been constrained from occupations here as the Taliban cleared across Afghanistan lately. Aryana approached the global local area not to fail to remember Afghans, especially ladies and youngsters.

“For as far back as 20 years, I mean, such countless young ladies thus numerous ladies, they went to schools, they got instructed. So many of them are teachers, specialists … such countless accomplishments,” Aryana Sayeed said. “How might everything simply end, actually like that?” – Reuters

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Aryana first single, in 2008, was MashAllah. Nonetheless, her defining moment in her profession came after her melody Afghan Pesarak got delivered in 2011. Aryana Sayeed turned into an easily recognized name in numerous Afghan homes outside of Afghanistan and was mentioned to perform at many shows around the world. At the pinnacle of all the abrupt achievement, Aryana chose to go to Afghanistan and perform at shows inside her delicate home country. Aryana Sayeed rose to notoriety there with her rendition of an old exemplary Afghan tune, Gule Seb. It was during these underlying days in Afghanistan when she shot her next tune Dilam Tang Ast. The achievement of the melody brought about an Award for best tune shot inside Afghanistan at the Aryana Television Awards.

It likewise brought about another vocation as a TV have at one of Afghanistan’s driving diversion channels Her next tune Hairanam did sensibly well. Aryana next huge achievement, Jelwa, was a joint effort with one of the main artists in the Afghan Music Industry, Jawid Sharif. This was the second time they combined up after their underlying achievement, Biya. Aryana Sayeed followed this up by a perky nationalistic tune to energize the specialty of sports in her country. A few vocalists were endorsed on to make the tune, Afghanistan. Aryana, Banoo e Atash Nasheen which depicts the aggravation the ladies of Afghanistan have looked over long stretches of war and misuse has won her gigantic basic acclaim. An enormous ensemble has added to the music of the melody and the shooting occurred inside Afghanistan. Soon after the tune was delivered, Aryana was requested a meeting by the BBC to clarify her explanation and which means behind the tune. Her next success was Anaram which returned Aryana at the highest rated spot in Afghanistan.

In 2017, she won the Afghan Icon Award and was named the 2017 Best Female Artist of Afghanistan.She likewise got the title “Voice of Afghanistan” from the Afghanistan National Television and Radio Network. Aryana has likewise gotten grants for Best Song of the Year, Best Video of the Year, and a Bravery Award.

It wasn’t some time before Aryana Sayeed was endorsed on by one of the main diversion directs in Afghanistan, 1TV. Her show, Music Night (Shab-e Mosiqi), included her performing and talking different specialists. The show was a triumph and after the primary season Aryana passed on to return home in London. Not long after this Aryana Sayeed was endorsed by TOLO TV as one of the adjudicators at The Voice of Afghanistan in 2013.She proceeded with her coordinated effort with the TV station and therefore turned into an appointed authority on another ability show, Afghan Star

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