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Anna Sorokin sent back to Germany, reports suggest
Anna Sorokin sent back to Germany, reports suggest
Anna Sorokin sent back to Germany, reports suggest


Anna Sorokin has been repatriated to Germany

Anna Sorokin, popularly known as Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’, was reportedly deported to Germany.

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A source at The Post has revealed that Anna is not happy about the news. As she wants to stay in America.

Anna also applied for a residence permit in the US.

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His application was due to be heard on April 19, which is not possible now.

Anna deceived prominent Americans by pretending to be a wealthy heir. Who raised funds to start a social club in Manhattan. He cheated on his friends and lived in luxury hotels without paying anything.

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He was eventually convicted of fraud in 2019 and sentenced to 12 years in prison. However, he was released for good conduct, after spending four years in prison.

Inventing Anna

In February, Netflix launched a series entitled Inventing Anna, based on her life.
Sorokin was born on January 23, 1991, in Domodedovo, a satellite city south of Moscow. His father, Vadim, worked as a truck driver and his mother owned a small grocery store. In 2007, when Sorokin was 16, his family moved to North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

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Anna Sorokin sent back to Germany, reports suggest

There, his father became an executive in a transport company until the company ran out of money in 2013. He then opened a HVAC business that focused on energy efficiency. Sorokin’s mother was a stay-at-home mom. Anna Sorokin attended the Bischöfliche Liebfrauenschule Eschweiler (The Episcopal School of Our Lady Eschweiler), a Catholic grammar school in Eschweiler. Peers said she was quiet and had a problem with the German language.

Early life

After graduating in June 2011, Sorokin moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins. An art school, but he soon left and returned to Germany. In 2012, he worked briefly for a social media company in Berlin. Sorokin then moved to Paris. Where she earned about € 400 a month with an internship with Purple. A French fashion magazine. Although Sorokin did not have regular contact with his parents, they did support him with his rent.

At that point, Sorokin began to use the nickname “Anna Delvey,” Sorokin’s parents, however, said they “did not know the last name”. Anna Sorokin later admitted he had “just come up with” the name.

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Fraud cases

In the summer of 2013, Sorokin traveled to New York City to attend New York Fashion Week. Finding it easier to make friends in New York than in Paris. Chose to stay and moved to Purple’s office in New York for a while. After leaving Purple, Sorokin came up with the idea of ​​the “Anna Delvey Foundation” – a club for independent members. And an arts foundation – and did not succeed in seeking support from the wealthy members of the city’s social network. Her proposal included renting the entire Church Missions House. A six-story and 45,000 sq ft (4,200 m2) and owned by Aby Rosen’s RFR Holdings. As a multi-purpose venue and art studio, where she organized a pop art center with art-shops.

Daniel Arsham, one of his acquaintances in vocational training. As well as exhibitions by Urs Fischer, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Tracey Emin.She received planning assistance from the son of architect Santiago Calatrava. She also discussed local beverage sales with Roo Rogers.

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