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5G : Is 5G really green, or will it burn more resources?

5G will be “10 times more efficient” than 4G by 2025, says Jean-Marie Chaufray.
The technology industry has long been trying to keep up with the green organization.

The Mobile World Congress, a regional gathering in Barcelona. Has seen some shock. But Huawei, Orange and the industrial organization GSMA have tried to expose some of the green claims made about 5G.
With very fast internet promises coupled with claims for great environmental benefits.

Laurence Williams of the University of Sussex in the UK recently led a study. Examining the available evidence on the so-called benefits of 5G green.

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He told AFP how the industry claims come together.

Will 5G save more energy?

He told MWC that 5G will be “10 times more efficient” than 4G by 2025.

Laurence Williams: “Power efficiency is only part of the equation. The total amount of data distributed across all mobile networks is obviously significant.

“Mobile traffic data is projected to continue to grow significantly in the coming years. It is increasingly being acknowledged that 5G will at least be the cause of this data growth.

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Some suggest that network power consumption will decrease. Others may remain low, at least one estimate suggests that network capacity will increase due to 5G.

“A recent study from Finland estimates that electricity consumption. For major mobile networks in 2017 was about 10 percent higher than in 2010. The authors argue that this was due to increased data usage and new performance, especially video streaming.


It still shows that the improvement in network efficiency does not guarantee a reduction in network power consumption.”

Will 5G help achieve the goals of zero-carbon?

GSMA’s Emanuel Kolta boasted that telecommunications companies are “among the leading private companies” by committing themselves to achieving net-zero goals.

He also pointed out how to achieve those goals by using renewable energy. More efficient batteries and “slow-moving fruit” such as using artificial intelligence to enable the closure of parts at very busy times.

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Laurence Williams: “Encouragingly, telcos are increasingly signing up for climate goals. And committing themselves to using renewable energy to power their networks.

“While some operators are already empowering their networks with 100 percent renewable energy. A 2021 comparison and evaluation study from the GSMA has suggested. That if you look at 31 networks in 28 different countries an average of 46 percent of power consumption. It is resources renewable energy with significant differences between countries.

“The operational capacity required to operate mobile networks is significant. But the ‘available capacity’ required for network infrastructure.

“Most studies that look at the effects of energy use on 5G look at performance potential only.

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“At the very least, we should be skeptical about energy efficiency strategies. That require significant roll-out of new infrastructure. Based on experiments that fail to take into account the combined energy costs of that infrastructure.”

Does 5G bring broad energy savings?

Duan Hao from Huawei highlighted the importance of the so-called permitting effect. Saying it would “accelerate digital production and carbonization in all industries”.

The idea is that better communication will allow more resources and services to flow online. Reducing energy consumption in transportation and other industries.

Some industry standards recommend energy saving by 10-to-one. All power units invested in 5G will save another 10.

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Laurence Williams: “A study by the University of Zurich places this rating at close to three to one. Mainly from dynamic work, smart grids and precision farming.

“However, some have warned that the development of 5G-enabled efficiency. May simply lead to greater use of certain goods. Or services or may partially replace old goods or services. People may attend private meetings and purchase body music near teleconferencing and streaming music.

“Even though 5G produces more power output than its emissions. It does not really follow the fact that network operators. May be allowed to achieve lower emissions reduction rates.

“The effects of empowerment are difficult to quantify or measure. And it will have to establish calculation methods. And principles to ensure compliance with the carbon budget and climate policy.”

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