3TC, Three-Team format first time in Cricket history


Due to Covid-19 Cricket stopped all over the world and now South Africa is doing a experiment in cricket history. 3TC is 3 Team Cricket, the most recent advancement in short-structure cricket, in which 3 teams clash head to-head in a single, exciting and thriller match. Money which is raised by the sponsorship of the three teams aims to provide to the cricket industry peoples who are affected by the covid-19.

Teams and Rules:
3TC consist of 3 teams which leads by AB de Villiers, Quinton de Kock and Kagiso Rabada. Teams names are Eagles,Kites and Kingfisher respectively. Each Team consist of 8 members and played 36 over between two halves of 18 overs. Each team bat for one innings of 12 overs split between two 6-over periods, facing one team in the first half and then facing second team in the second half. In the first half of the match teams rotate from Batting to Bowling to the dugout with the starting positions determined by a draw. In the second half of the match team bat which score highest int the first half and if the scores are tied then the order of the first half reversed.

The last batsman stand alone and score only even number of runs and can only bat in the second half. If the 7 batsman down in the first half of the match, the team forfeits the remaining balls in the first half of the match and the last batsman resumes the innings in the second half. Each bowling team allow to use the new ball of their 12 full overs which is used for both other teams. One bowler is allowed to bowl only three overs to opponent in any permutation. An uncompleted over due to fall of seven wickets remaining over is considered as dot balls. Fielding restrictions may apply bu the match organisers and can allow up-to 3 additional fielders in the field provided by the dugout team or either selected by each team. Definitive limited overs rule apply for bouncers, wides and free hit after no ball. A match can be shortened due to bad weather to 12, 24 or 30 in terms of rules applied by 3TC. Most runs wins Gold, Second place team wins Silver and 3rd place team wins bronze.

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